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To Hire or Not to Hire a Bankruptcy Attorney

While bankruptcy cases all share certain similarities, there are different types of bankruptcy, and each bankruptcy case should be evaluated individually when considering the need to hire a bankruptcy attorney. Usually, the legal services of a bankruptcy lawyer are not a requirement in filing for bankruptcy. However, there are particular cases when taking that route is necessary. For instance, it’s [...]


Creditors vs. Debt Collectors: What’s the Difference?

When dealing with debt collectors, nothing makes your heart sink faster than a phone call from an unrecognized 800 number. Collectors and creditors can be extremely aggressive when trying to secure late payments. However, before you assert your rights and control your situation, it’s important to know who you’re dealing with. Who Is Your Initial Lender? A creditor is anyone [...]

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Step-by-Step Bankruptcy Process

It may temporarily put a mark on your credit report, but the bankruptcy process also offers you a fresh start. If you’re besieged with financial problems leaving you unable to pay your debts, filing for bankruptcy could very well be the solution. To avoid any misstep, get some legal advice on your potential bankruptcy case right away. Which Bankruptcy Chapter [...]

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