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Automatic Stay in New Jersey Bankruptcy

Debtors get protection from persistent debt collection efforts when they file for bankruptcy under Chapters 7, 11, or 13. These types of bankruptcy trigger “automatic stay”, an injunction that halts all debt collection activities. With an automatic stay in place, creditors and collection agencies must immediately stop all collection efforts. When you file for bankruptcy, you are spared from the [...]

An Overview of an Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

An emergency bankruptcy filing, which is also referred to as a “skeletal petition,” offers you many of the same protections as other bankruptcies but in an expedited manner. Reasons for an emergency bankruptcy filing include to avoid a vehicle repossession, eviction, sheriff's sale or foreclosure judgment, wage garnishments or bank levy, and other adverse circumstances.  Usually, once you file a [...]

Bankruptcy Exemptions in New Jersey

If you want a solution for your financial problems that won’t cost you everything you own, you may choose to file for bankruptcy under a bankruptcy chapter that allows you to hold on to certain assets through exemptions. The most common personal bankruptcy chapters are 7 and 13; both allow filers to exempt some assets from bankruptcy proceedings. Exempt assets [...]

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