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Preparing for Bankruptcy in New Jersey

Are you after the bankruptcy protection that filers get when they petition for bankruptcy? If you’re a debtor in financial distress and you think that the automatic stay bankruptcies put in place will give you enough time to work out your financial problems without being hounded by the persistent debt collection efforts of your creditors and other collection agencies, a [...]

SBRA – Helping Individuals with Business Debt

What is the SBRA? It is the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 which was recently signed into law by President Trump. The law passed in August 2019. It will take effect on February 22, 2020. SBRA creates a new subchapter in the United States Code related to Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As a result, small business owners will have more [...]


Confirmation Hearing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Financial distress can drive people to seek bankruptcy protection. Bankrupt debtors can take a breather from their money worries when the automatic stay takes effect after they file for bankruptcy. Declaring bankruptcy is often considered the last resort, but it’s usually the viable solution for getting out of debt. For assistance on how to file bankruptcy correctly, it’s best to [...]

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