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Bankruptcy Chapter 7, 11 & 13 in NJ

Bankruptcies are legal proceedings that allow insolvent debtors with large amounts of debts to have a fresh start. While filing bankruptcy is a legal way for people to wipe out their unsecured debts and obtain debt-relief, not everything is wiped out. One of the benefits of filing a bankruptcy petition includes bankruptcy protection as follows: Stops creditors from collecting or [...]


You Qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, But Is It Your Best Choice?

Chapter 7 is the most common consumer bankruptcy. This bankruptcy type resolves debt under federal court protection. Unsecured debts, or those with no collateral, are often forgiven. Generally, credit card debt, personal loans, and medical bills are covered, but back taxes, student loans, and alimony and child support are not. Due to credit reports, it will be harder to get [...]


What Happens to Your Personal Properties and Investments After Bankruptcy?

When declaring personal bankruptcy, one of the filer’s main considerations is his or her willingness to give up certain properties and assets. Although retaining a property such as a home, car, or certain investments would depend on the type of bankruptcy filed whether it was under a secured or unsecured debt, this post gives you an overview of what to [...]


Switching Bankruptcy Cases from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 in New Jersey

One of the major decisions an individual faces especially during difficult times is filing for bankruptcy. Unsecured debts brought about by mounting medical bills, credit card debt, and even unpaid utility bills can be hard to deal with especially if your monthly income is very limited. Some may have enough disposable income to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition in [...]


How to File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy: Business Reorganization

For businesses facing huge debts, avoiding closure and liquidation of assets are made possible by filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, commonly known as business reorganization. Under this type of bankruptcy, a business may renegotiate the terms in its contracts and leases, request creditors to discharge debts, and restructure payment plans in order to reach profitability. Declaring corporate bankruptcy will give [...]

Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions in New Jersey

Those who wish to declare bankruptcy have to go through necessary steps in order to enjoy the automatic stay and eventually arrive at a bankruptcy discharge. There are many elements involved in the bankruptcy process, and they have the potential to define one’s experience with personal bankruptcy. One of these influential factors is the list of bankruptcy exceptions that the [...]


No-Asset Chapter 7 Cases

What if I have no assets?  Are you considering bankruptcy? Refer to the bankruptcy code to find out which of the different types of bankruptcy you should file. For personal bankruptcy, the bankruptcy chapters you should pay attention to are either 7 or 13. 7 is the bankruptcy chapter involving liquidation while 13 is all about debt reorganization. A Chapter [...]

New Jersey Bankruptcy Basics in a Nutshell

You’ve probably heard credit card companies claim that people go bankrupt because they can’t control their spending. However, the fact is that you don’t have to misuse your credit cards to go into bankruptcy. People many times in the past have filed for bankruptcy with bankruptcy courts for reasons other than overspending. This blog will discuss New Jersey bankruptcy basics. [...]

Preparing for Bankruptcy in New Jersey

Are you after the bankruptcy protection that filers get when they petition for bankruptcy? If you’re a debtor in financial distress and you think that the automatic stay bankruptcies put in place will give you enough time to work out your financial problems without being hounded by the persistent debt collection efforts of your creditors and other collection agencies, a [...]

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