Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend. We just learned that we can bring guests to our CLE tomorrow being held at 1411 Broadway. (All guests will receive free NY and NJ CLE credit.) Details are below. The catch: you need to e-mail Eileen O’Connor (copied) asap if you can attend. Date: 11/29/16 Time: 1-4 p.m. Location: Withum, Smith and Brown, 1411 Broadway (x39 & x40), New York City 10018 (9th Floor) Title: Cracking the Code (What Environmental and Commercial Real Estate Attorneys Need to Know About the Bankruptcy Code) Description: Have you ever listened to a restructuring colleague explain an issue and wonder if she was speaking a foreign language? Well, you are not alone. This course will introduce attendees to “Bankruplish”: the slang relied on by all of your bankruptcy colleagues that uses nonthreatening numbers to describe (often) hostile outcomes. By the end of this course, you will achieve a beginning level of fluency in key sections of the United States Bankruptcy Code, the United States Bankruptcy Rules. You will also be introduced to local “dialects” (including, the District of Delaware, the District of New Jersey, and the Southern District of New York). Through a fact pattern discussing a commercial real estate property with environmental issues, attendees will also review a petition and complete a proof of claim. IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT, PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH A FRIEND WHO STILL NEEDS 2016 CLE’S!