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Does Medical Debt Lead to Bankruptcy?

Significant medical debt can certainly lead to bankruptcy. In fact, medical debt is a huge problem for many Americans. According to some reports, medical debt exceeds debt from credit cards, utilities, auto loans, and other sources combined. How many years have we heard about the federal government addressing this problem? For me, the issue of medical debt has all talk [...]

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Gambling and Bankruptcy

In an earlier blog post, we discussed online gambling and bankruptcy. At the time, pandemic-related lockdowns drove the growth of online gambling options. With restrictions easing more and more each day, there is a resurgence in in-person gambling, at establishments such as casinos and OTBs. Don’t Bet Against The House The last few years have been difficult in so [...]

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Reverse Mortgages and Bankruptcy – Part of the Lucid Law Workshop Series

On January 24, 2022, Lucid Law will host its next session of its Fresh Start Workshop Series - Reverse Mortgages with Earl Schick of Crown Home Mortgage. This session will discuss the benefits of reverse mortgages. For anyone facing financial difficulties or considering bankruptcy, this educational program will cover the following reverse mortgage benefits: Refinancing opportunities to create cash flow [...]

Free Consultation with a Bankruptcy Attorney

In just about every advertisement for lawyers, you we see the phrase call us for a free consultation. It doesn't matter what area of law as attorneys in all different practice areas offer free consultations. Divorce attorneys, small business or startup attorneys, estate planning attorneys. And yes, even bankruptcy lawyers will promote a free consultation with a bankruptcy attorney. You [...]

Dismissal of Your Bankruptcy Case

In my previous blog, Bankruptcy Dismissal vs. Bankruptcy Discharge,  I explain these two important bankruptcy terms. Regarding dismissal, I wrote …bankruptcy filings end up being dismissed or closed by the bankruptcy court. This can happen under three circumstances. First, when you choose not to proceed with your bankruptcy case. Two, you are not able to comply with all the requirements. [...]

Tenga cuidado al buscar “Abogado de bancarrotas cerca de mí”

Buscar un abogado puede ser un momento increíblemente estresante, especialmente si se trata de un abogado de quiebras. Cuando las personas buscan un abogado de divorcios o un abogado de bienes raíces, normalmente piden una recomendación a las personas de su confianza. Con la vergüenza que siente la mayoría de las personas por la necesidad de consultar con un abogado [...]

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Subchapter V Provides Debt Relief for Small Businesses

I previously wrote about the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019, also known as SBRA.  Subchapter V, as the SBRA has become known, was created to help small business deal with financial distress by streamlining the process. Also, it make Chapter 11 more economical and less complex so that it is more accessible for individuals with high dollar amounts of [...]

New Jersey Law Journal – 194,000 Eviction Cases by Next Year

Well, I received the following email subject line in my inbox last week, Looming Crisis': NJ Courts Brace for Impact of 194,000 Eviction Cases by Next Year. The email was an article from the New Jersey Law Journal. While I am not surprised, as I've been cautioning about riding the wave of government help and not seeking real help for [...]

Karina Lucid Understands Business

Karina Lucid has been practicing bankruptcy law for 18 years and has had her own office since April 2011. Before going to law school, Karina was operating as a manager for her family’s retail flower business. So, she has been in the small business sector since she was 17 years old. Although Lucid Law focuses on all aspects of consumer [...]

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