Is DocketBird a Scam for Bankruptcy Filers?

It has come to my attention, that clients feel like they are being scammed by an outfit called DocketBird. According to their website, DocketBird is the most advanced, user-friendly application for accessing federal court case information. Basically, it appears the they mine data from PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) for their customers. PACER, an official website of the [...]

File Bankruptcy and Be Done Being Scared!

The thought of personal bankruptcy creates fear for many people. But the truth is, there are greater fears that bring you to the brink of filing for bankruptcy. So rather than focus on the fear of bankruptcy, here is a different perspective – file bankruptcy and be done being scared. Let me explain further. Are you scared that your bills [...]

Switching Bankruptcy Cases from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 in New Jersey

One of the major decisions an individual faces especially during difficult times is filing for bankruptcy. Unsecured debts brought about by mounting medical bills, credit card debt, and even unpaid utility bills can be hard to deal with especially if your monthly income is very limited. Some may have enough disposable income to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition in [...]


The Stigma of Bankruptcy

When I meet with potential clients for the first time, I feel their apprehension about filing for bankruptcy. Often times, they fear the stigma of bankruptcy. They feel like they have failed themselves and their families. They are worried what other family members, friends, neighbors and employers will think about them. I spend a lot of time explaining the process, [...]

Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions in New Jersey

Those who wish to declare bankruptcy have to go through necessary steps in order to enjoy the automatic stay and eventually arrive at a bankruptcy discharge. There are many elements involved in the bankruptcy process, and they have the potential to define one’s experience with personal bankruptcy. One of these influential factors is the list of bankruptcy exceptions that the [...]


New Jersey Bankruptcy Basics in a Nutshell

You’ve probably heard credit card companies claim that people go bankrupt because they can’t control their spending. However, the fact is that you don’t have to misuse your credit cards to go into bankruptcy. People many times in the past have filed for bankruptcy with bankruptcy courts for reasons other than overspending. This blog will discuss New Jersey bankruptcy basics. [...]

Preparing for Bankruptcy in New Jersey

Are you after the bankruptcy protection that filers get when they petition for bankruptcy? If you’re a debtor in financial distress and you think that the automatic stay bankruptcies put in place will give you enough time to work out your financial problems without being hounded by the persistent debt collection efforts of your creditors and other collection agencies, a [...]

Automatic Stay in New Jersey Bankruptcy

Debtors get protection from persistent debt collection efforts when they file for bankruptcy under Chapters 7, 11, or 13. These types of bankruptcy trigger “automatic stay”, an injunction that halts all debt collection activities. With an automatic stay in place, creditors and collection agencies must immediately stop all collection efforts. When you file for bankruptcy, you are spared from the [...]

An Overview of an Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

An emergency bankruptcy filing, which is also referred to as a “skeletal petition,” offers you many of the same protections as other bankruptcies but in an expedited manner. Reasons for an emergency bankruptcy filing include to avoid a vehicle repossession, eviction, sheriff's sale or foreclosure judgment, wage garnishments or bank levy, and other adverse circumstances.  Usually, once you file a [...]

Bankruptcy Exemptions in New Jersey

If you want a solution for your financial problems that won’t cost you everything you own, you may choose to file for bankruptcy under a bankruptcy chapter that allows you to hold on to certain assets through exemptions. The most common personal bankruptcy chapters are 7 and 13; both allow filers to exempt some assets from bankruptcy proceedings. Exempt assets [...]

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