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Financial Scammers During COVID-19 – Beware!

Throughout this crisis, we have seen the good in people. We have those on the front lines fighting to protect us. Essential workers are making sure that we have food on our tables. Assistance programs to help us to financially get through it. These are good things. However, we still worry about our health, the health of our loved ones, [...]

Should I take out a personal loan after the pandemic?

Lately, a common question posed to me is, Should I take out a personal loan after the pandemic? This seems like a simple question. As such, my initial reaction is NO. Nobody should take out a personal loan after the pandemic. OR, AT ANY TIME unless they need it and have good reason for taking on the new debt. Truthfully, [...]

The CARES Act – Should I Apply for a Mortgage Deferment During COVID-19?

I am receiving many phone calls from clients and potential clients. They are asking - Should I take a mortgage deferment during COVID-19? It is great that many lenders are working with their customers during these times. However, before deciding to take COVID-19 relief from your lender, know exactly the details of the deal. The key word in the question [...]

Coronavirus Update: Information if You Lost Your Job

There is so much information being thrown at us. I came across an NPR article that is a good coronavirus update for people who have lost their jobs due to the crisis. There are several highlights in the article that should be of interest to people facing financial difficulties. Unemployment Benefits More people are eligible for unemployment benefits. From the [...]

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Chapter 13 Cases during the COVID-19 Crisis

These are stressful and frightening times for all of us. I am receiving many calls about Chapter 13 cases during the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, I am providing this update should you have a Chapter 13 case in progress or pending. The Court and Chapter 13 Trustees are finding ways to keep everyone’s Chapter 13 cases afloat through this crisis. However, [...]

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