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Are creditors still hurting your credit score after bankruptcy?

Congrats, your Bankruptcy has been DISCHARGED! You have stopped the bleeding and the debt is behind you. But are you really on your way to a fresh start?



Getting a bankruptcy discharge gives you the chance to start over and rebuild your credit score. Unfortunately, some creditors break the law and continue to harass you, even after your debt to them has been discharged.

Bankruptcy is only a Band-Aid on the broken arm of your credit score. Over 80% of collections companies violate the bankruptcy discharge and try to collect debts after filing for bankruptcy and even after it’s discharged – meaning the creditor is disobeying the Federal Order of your bankruptcy filing and discharge!

Your bankruptcy requires creditors and collections companies to STOP showing the world the debt you no longer owe and to STOP harassing you.

We have discovered that creditors listed in MOST bankruptcy petitions are STILL reporting inaccurate information on consumers’ credit reports even after their bankruptcy case was filed and discharged. It’s so frustrating – I know!

Inaccurate credit reporting post-bankruptcy can negatively impact your ability to reestablish your credit, slowing down that “fresh start” you DESERVE.

You took the necessary steps to clear your debt and get a fresh financial start. Now, creditor harassment needs to stop.


At Lucid Law, we know that having a positive credit report is essential to your financial future. For this reason, we are committed to helping you make sure your credit report is clear of any misrepresentations by your creditors and supporting you as you REBUILD your credit score.

We know that you worked hard to get this fresh start, and we want to help improve your credit report by handling misrepresentations by your creditors. We are here to support you as you rebuild your financial health.

You shouldn’t have to deal with creditor harassment especially now that you’re free and clear of debt. Break free from the stress and anxiety of having to deal with these creditors who are breaking the law!

We know that you worked hard to get this fresh start, and we are here to support you as you rebuild your financial health.


What Clients Have To Say…

Please let me start by saying thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was at my jumping-off point, to say the least. Trying to fix my problems myself only resulted in digging myself deeper in debt. I thought my situation was hopeless.

After meeting with Karina for the first time gave me a sense of hope and left me with a better feeling about myself. Working through all the details and documents with Meagan was a pleasure and very refreshing to deal with a real professional.

Again I’d like to thank Karina, Meagan, Sandra, and Debra for their utmost diligence, expertise, and kindness.

Steve M.

Let’s face it.., if you are looking for a bankruptcy and/or debt litigation/mediation attorney, most likely is does not fall under the category of one of the greatest times of your life. In fact it can have a severe emotional toll on you and your family…, leading to fear, depression, and much more. I thank God that I met Karina. She literally is a light at the end of the tunnel, a tunnel that leads to a new beginning.

It is rare to find the expertise and professionalism combined with compassion and grace that Karina possess. She has held the torch for myself and my family. She walked us through the entire Bankruptcy process, ensuring us that all would be ok, leading the charge for the challenging uphill battle while remaining poised the entire way……

Gabriel, Client
In such a troubling time her advice was reassuring compassionate and on point. She took the time to listen and not only provided top-notch legal advice but gave us clear direction in such an uncertain time
Craig, Client

I found Karina to be professional, knowledgeable, accommodating, and pleasant. She communicated back and forth in a timely manner, and showed flexibility when needed. She was referred to me through a friend, and I will refer others to her as well. Thank you.

Michael, Client

Deciding to even go talk to a bankruptcy lawyer was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I was drowning in debt and I knew I had to take this step to change my life.  It wasn’t always an easy process from an emotional standpoint, but I trusted Karina and her team. I was not the easiest client because this was so emotional for me, but Karina and her team were always kind.  In the end, Karina’s guidance has helped me move on with my life during a difficult transition. I am happy to be debt-free. It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted and I have new things to look forward to. I highly recommend Lucid Law.

Tina P.