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Bankruptcy: A Fresh Start

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Bankruptcy: A Fresh Start

By Karina Pia Lucid, New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney

“This book is designed to help you navigate, and make well-educated decisions about how to overcome those financial burdens and get a fresh start with bankruptcy in New Jersey.”

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New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney

We help individuals and small businesses obtain relief from their financial burdens through bankruptcy.

Karina Pia Lucid is an experienced and dedicated New Jersey bankruptcy attorney. We handle every bankruptcy case with respect, care, and compassion to ensure that the individual needs and interests of our client are met. From a giant corporation to a single person with financial trouble, we provide the highest quality New Jersey bankruptcy representation available. With locations in Liberty Corner, NJ & Morristown, NJ we solve debt problems for people in Elizabeth, NJ and Sommerville, NJ and the surrounding communities.

Unlike some bankruptcy law firms in New Jersey, we do not outsource appearances to non-attorneys.

Our Commitment

  • We provide our clients with high-quality legal representation in New Jersey bankruptcy cases
  • We take the time to learn about the particulars of your personal and financial circumstances and craft a bankruptcy solution designed to produce the best possible outcome
  • You are always represented by a New Jersey bankruptcy attorney who understands your needs and has the depth of bankruptcy law experience to smooth out the bumpy roads of the bankruptcy process
  • We will never send a bankruptcy attorney to court that you do not know or who does not have knowledge about your case to cover a bankruptcy hearing or attend a bankruptcy meeting with you.

Practice Areas

  • Bankruptcy Attorney
    • Corporate Bankruptcy:  We represent corporate and companies of all sizes in chapter 7 bankruptcy and chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. Our experienced New Jersey bankruptcy attorneys handle business bankruptcy for debtors across the region. Our experience with business bankruptcy means that you can rest well at night knowing your bankruptcy is handled properly.
    • Consumer Bankruptcy:  We represent ordinary people who have fallen on difficult financial times to file chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy and even chapter 11 bankruptcy for larger bankruptcy cases. We have experience with consumer bankruptcy filing in New Jersey. We understand your situation and will work with you to find a solution in bankruptcy.
    • Preference Defense
    • Creditor Representations: Creditors often need representation in bankruptcy proceedings in New Jersey. Creditors have a lot at stake and require an experienced New Jersey bankruptcy attorney to protect their interests.
  • Professional Mediation Services – Civil Mediations

Serving Bankruptcy clients with cases proceeding in the United States Bankruptcy Courts for the District of New Jersey in Newark, Trenton and Camden Vicinages. 

Our bankruptcy attorney says bring us your lemons…

Life has given you lemons; we have the perfect lemonade recipe for you.

Business & Personal

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Divorce and Bankruptcy

As a solo practitioner, New Jersey bankruptcy attorney Karina Lucid brings together the know-how of a successful small business owner, the skills and experience of a big firm bankruptcy litigator, and the balanced approach of a seasoned negotiator. Providing the best bankruptcy representation possible is what she wants to be known for in New Jersey.

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What Clients Have To Say…

People we've helped reach a brighter future with bankruptcy in New Jersey

  • I found Karina to be professional, knowledgeable, accommodating, and pleasant. She communicated back and forth in a timely manner, and showed flexibility when needed. She was referred to me through a friend, and I will refer others to her as well. Thank you.
  • Let's face it.., if you are looking for a bankruptcy and/or debt litigation/mediation attorney, most likely is does not fall under the category of one of the greatest times of your life. In fact it can have a severe emotional toll on you and your family..., leading to fear, depression, and much more. I thank God that I met Karina. She literally is a light at the end of the tunnel, a tunnel that leads to a new beginning.

    It is rare to find the expertise and professionalism combined with compassion and grace that Karina possess. She has held the torch for myself and my family. She walked us through the entire Bankruptcy process, ensuring us that all would be ok, leading the charge for the challenging uphill battle while remaining poised the entire way......
  • In such a troubling time her advice was reassuring compassionate and on point. She took the time to listen and not only provided top notch legal advice but gave us clear direction in such a uncertain time

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