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Is It Hard to Get a Mortgage after Bankruptcy?

Trusted New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney I was once again interviewed by Karin Price Mueller for her column. One of Ms. Price Mueller’s readers asked this question. My daughter was out of work during the pandemic — thank god for unemployment — but she accumulated $20,000 of credit card debt. She still has a high credit score and she’s on [...]

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What Happens When One Spouse Files for Bankruptcy?

I was recently interviewed by Karin Price Mueller for her column. The theme of the article is what happens when one spouse files for bankruptcy. Specifically, one of Ms. Price Mueller’s readers posed the following question: My husband wants to declare bankruptcy. He has $25,000 of credit card debt in his name alone. We have both of our names [...]


Bankruptcy Happens – Even to the Famous

Bankruptcy happens. Maybe you experienced a catastrophic illness or filed for a divorce that left you in dire straits. Regardless of your circumstances, sometimes even the best of us find ourselves at financial rock bottom. You may be surprised to learn who among the “rich” and famous are somewhat infamous for their questionable finances. This article from has some [...]

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Does Medical Debt Lead to Bankruptcy?

Significant medical debt can certainly lead to bankruptcy. In fact, medical debt is a huge problem for many Americans. According to some reports, medical debt exceeds debt from credit cards, utilities, auto loans, and other sources combined. How many years have we heard about the federal government addressing this problem? For me, the issue of medical debt has all talk [...]

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Karina Lucid Discusses Bankruptcy Options for Amber Heard

Karina Lucid, Founder and President of Lucid Law, recently appeared on Christina Previte’s Wake Up Call Live! Previte and Lucid discuss bankruptcy law as it relates to the Depp v. Heard verdict including possible solutions for people in a similar situation as Heard. Specifically, they discuss scenarios where bankruptcy laws may assist people who have significant legal judgments levied against them. [...]

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Gambling and Bankruptcy

In an earlier blog post, we discussed online gambling and bankruptcy. At the time, pandemic-related lockdowns drove the growth of online gambling options. With restrictions easing more and more each day, there is a resurgence in in-person gambling, at establishments such as casinos and OTBs. Don’t Bet Against The House The last few years have been difficult in so [...]

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Why is Business Credit So Important?

On May 26, Karina Lucid, Founder and President of Lucid Law, presented a program entitled Why is Business Credit So Important? Establishing and Repairing Credit for Your Business. The program was presented to the Financial Services Group (FiSIG) of the Somerset County Business Partnership (SCBP). The mission of the FiSIG is to educate the SCBP members on issues affecting their [...]

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Your Bankruptcy is Over, Or Is It?

For our bankruptcy clients, one of the best times is when we receive notification that the bankruptcy is over and debt has been discharged. It is indeed a time for celebration. However, it has come to our attention that some of our clients do not celebrate for too long. We are doing something about it right now! It’s Not You [...]

Can I Get Relief from My Student Debt?

More often than not, when I meet with potential clients, student debt is part of the conversation. This debt, with its high monthly payments, becomes unmanageable and burdensome. Consequently, some of these people rack up other debt while trying to stay above water. For example, some will rely on credit cards to pay for food and other essential items. This [...]

Use Your Tax Refund to Get a Fresh Start

For those with unmanageable debt, I suggest that you use your tax refund to get a Fresh Start. In other words, if your medical debt, credit cards, personal loans, and other obligations are keeping you from caring for your family, you should use your tax refund to pay for your bankruptcy case. Filing for bankruptcy may be the best option [...]

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