Bankruptcy happens. Maybe you experienced a catastrophic illness or filed for a divorce that left you in dire straits. Regardless of your circumstances, sometimes even the best of us find ourselves at financial rock bottom. You may be surprised to learn who among the “rich” and famous are somewhat infamous for their questionable finances.

This article from has some interesting examples of celebrities (and even historical figures) who have filed for bankruptcy; the list may surprise you. Some of these people peaked, overspent, and filed for bankruptcy when their debt caught up to them. But the most intriguing of all, to me anyway, finance nerd that I am, are the ones who faced hardship, declared bankruptcy, and rose from the ashes – stronger than before, and eventually changed the course of humanity and/or went on to amass millions more and achieve financial well-being.

Is it Surprising to See These Icons on the List?

Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, and Dave Ramsey are the most intriguing to me. I cannot imagine if any of them had let financial ruin defeat them. What would our country, our world, be like, without the Emancipation Proclamation? Without the defeat of the Confederacy?  This is a heavy one … let it sink in.

Walt Disney cannot hold a candle to Abraham Lincoln’s legacy but his impact on American culture is irrefutable. A world without Steamboat Willy? Without the infamous earworm, “It’s a Small World?”

Dave Ramsey also fascinates me because he not only recovered but became one of the foremost “pop culture” authorities on personal finance.

These individuals, at their very core, are no more special or worthy than you. You, too, deserve a second chance – an opportunity to achieve peace and security through financial well-being. If Abraham Lincoln, MC Hammer, Walt Disney, Nicholas Cage, Mike Tyson, Gary Busey, Meatloaf, Donald Trump, Burt Reynolds, and Dave Ramsey can do it, and make a fabulous comeback, so can you!

And to remind my clients that financial hardship can come to anyone, the image in this blog hangs in my lobby!

Yes, bankruptcy happens but it is an opportunity for a fresh start. Contact us today and say GOODBYE to DEBT and hello to your Financial Fresh Start!!