Doing what you’ve been doing is going to get what you’ve been getting. —Seth Godin

Remember that classic definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results? Filing for individual Chapter 11 bankruptcy represents only one step of your journey to financial wellbeing. Your goal should not simply be to reset financially, but rather to recover—and that means learning more about how money works, so you can develop new, better financial habits. To help you, check out these five powerful podcasts that will improve your financial literacy.

1. Planet Money

A spinoff of the highly popular show This American Life, NPR’s Planet Money is considered by many to be the podcast to listen to if you want to be financially savvy. With smart insightful reporting, make it your first financial habit, and things will get better.

2. The Clark Howard Show

A tried-and-true staple of the financial sector, Clark is known for his practical advice on everything from investing to cutting expenses. A great all-around podcast for learning how money works.

3. Bad with Money

If talk about money and debt just sounds depressing or overwhelming, this may be the podcast for you. Hosted by comedian and self-described non-expert Gaby Dunn, this newer podcast offers a lighthearted, younger take on financial issues. Gaby interviews financial experts, all of whom know way more than she does, so you basically learn right alongside her.

4. Listen Money Matters

Focusing on the four keys of personal finance (i.e., budgeting, investing, debt reduction and income growth), hosts Andrew and Thomas present solid financial advice in easy-to-understand terms, making this one of the more popular podcasts all around.

5. The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey approaches things from a Christian/religious perspective, so you may have to weed through it if that’s not your style. However, his commonsense approach to debt reduction can be very helpful to those struggling with debt, regardless your faith tradition.

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