At Lucid Law, our official strategy for debt relief is Financial Grief Managed! For a bankruptcy law firm, this concept is pretty simple. We work with clients to get them to a better financial place. While the phrase debt relief relates to providing clients relief from creditors, it takes on a much deeper meaning at Lucid Law. RELIEF is our motto on the overall experience that we strive to give to our clients.

What RELIEF means to us!

R – Responsive

The largest complaint about lawyers is the lack of responsiveness. We pledge to return calls and emails as soon as humanly possible. Our clients can be assured that they will be kept informed and be part of the entire bankruptcy process.

E – Empathetic

Dealing with mounting debt and lawyers is stressful for anyone. We know this. Therefore, we will listen to you. We will hear your concerns. And, we will work with you with empathy and compassion.

L – Loyal

Our clients are our most important assets. We truly honor the attorney client relationship and don’t ever take that relationship for granted. We are also loyal to each other and have each other’s back. This loyalty means that clients will get personal attention and care from all members of our team.

I – Inclusive

Everyone who walks through our door is equally important. We do not judge anyone based on race, social status, sexual orientation, age, etc. Further, we do not judge anyone about why they have gotten themselves into debt. Never!

E – End Game

Keeping the clients’ goals in mind and working towards those goals is our singular objective. Our agenda is the same as the client’s agenda. There is no cookie-cutter approach at Lucid Law. Each client and matter are unique and require different strategies.

F – Fine Points

We pay attention to the details. Clients can expect a high-quality work product. Clients can expect to be informed of important dates and deadlines.

We are all ready to do our best to get cases filed, confirmed, and closed so our clients get the relief they came to us for. The above is our pledge to our clients. If you feel like we did not live up to this pledge, call me.