In 2017, I published my book, Bankruptcy, A Fresh Start. While a lot has happened over the last four years, this book is still a great resource.

Why should you care about my book? I think I do a rather good job in the Note from the Author section of the book. I write the following. You are probably reading this book because you or someone you really care about is experiencing serious financial burdens. You are not alone. We understand how overwhelming financial distress can be. We also know how many different reasons there are for experiencing these struggles. This book is designed to help you navigate, and make well-educated decisions about how to overcome those financial burdens and get a Fresh Start.

In the body of the book, I write about various topics. They all come from my years of experience of helping clients get to a better financial place. Using real life examples, cleansed to protect the innocent, I describe the emotions and fears of people facing financial hardship. I discuss the types of debts such as medical debt and student loans that lead to such hardship. Likewise, life events can cause financial pain. For example, the loss of a job or a divorce can create a major change in one’s financial stability. Additionally, the book provides bankruptcy basics and options including Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies. The goal is to get that fresh start and improve your credit score.

I encourage you to get a copy for yourself or somebody you care about. Bankruptcy, A Fresh Start is free and an easy read. And it is simple to get a copy – just click here to request one. Obviously, every person and situation are different. Therefore, feel free to call us for a free consultation.