Amid this coronavirus pandemic, like everyone else, I am looking forward to better days ahead. Why? The answer is simple. I miss seeing people. While our office is open and we continue our clients’ work, remotely working with clients is not the same.

I became a bankruptcy lawyer to help people. People call me when they are scared and unsure about their financial future. They feel hopeless and stuck in a situation that seems insurmountable. Recently, I was asked to describe a good day for me as a lawyer. This question resonated with me especially during this pandemic. After thinking about the question, for me, a good day is knowing that I alleviated fears for a client and gave them hope; knowing that I was able to get the client to understand that, together, we will overcome the challenges ahead.

True Story

Even better, at the end of the matter, we overcame those challenges. The following is just one true story to illustrate my feelings.

Once, a client needed to get rid of a vehicle because the payment was just way too high. I told him that at the end of his Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, he would be able to trade in his car for something affordable on good credit terms. He did not believe me. But there we were at his Exit Meeting. He was beaming with delight to share with me how wrong he had been! His chapter 7 case had just closed and he had already traded that expensive, unaffordable car in for one that really worked for him.

He was so happy. The relief was not just in his words or even his eyes, it was his whole body. He was finally able to look forward to his future. He saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Being scared was over for him! Honestly, nothing makes me feel better about what I do then seeing this kind of relief in a client. Debt relief is real, and I love being the one to help people get that relief.

That was a great day for the client. And, it was a great day for me. I miss seeing, in person, these types of reactions from my clients. It is just not the same over the phone or computer. Better days are ahead, I know it.

If you feel that your financial situation is dire, please call me. We, together, will find a path to better days ahead and to your financial fresh start.