The thought of personal bankruptcy creates fear for many people. But the truth is, there are greater fears that bring you to the brink of filing for bankruptcy. So rather than focus on the fear of bankruptcy, here is a different perspective – file bankruptcy and be done being scared.

Let me explain further. Are you scared that your bills are piling up? Do you worry about losing your home to foreclosure? Do bill collectors, creditors and the possible repossession of your car keep you up at night? I think once you understand what bankruptcy is, and was it is not, many of these fears will go away.

Here is what bankruptcy does for you:

  • Creditors will stop harassing you.
  • You regain control your finances.
  • Rebuilds and improves your credit scores.
  • You have a plan for the future.
  • Uncertainty will go away.

I do recognize that there are other fears association with bankruptcy. I previously covered some of these fears in my blog, The Stigma of Bankruptcy. In this blog, I addressed the concern of others knowing your business. Chances are that nobody will ever know that you filed for bankruptcy. There are probably many people in your life that filed for bankruptcy. Do you know who they are? Yet, they still have homes, jobs, cars and probably sleep well at night. Lastly, I firmly believe that people with debt are not bad people, they just regular people dealing with a bad situation. Most commonly, debt happens from the loss of a job, medical issues, or some other extenuating circumstance.

Call me and be Done Being Scared if you have these fears. I will explain the process and tell you what you can expect.