In December, we held a Goal Setting program as part of our Fresh Start Workshop Series. I decided to plan it this way so our clients and friends can hit the ground running in 2022. I believe one without goals is aimlessly wondering. Therefore, it is a great time of year to figure out where you want to go. While the workshop focused on financial goals, your goals can be focused on any area of your life including health, career, personal, and, yes, financial. No matter the goal, the workshop covered a system for defining and reaching your goals. So, set your goals for 2022.

The SMARTER Method

To begin to layout your goals, I am a fan of the SMARTER Method. Obviously, this is an acronym which stands for:

  • Your goal needs to be specific. For example, I will lose 15 pounds by March 1st and buy myself a new bathing suit.
  • How will you measure your progress? Using the weight lose example, perhaps you should get on the scale once a week – you need to lose 2-3 pounds a week.
  • You got this. Planning your meals and taking that walk after dinner, 2-3 pounds is nothing.
  • Set your goals in steps to make them more achievable. Being “realistic” does not mean having limiting beliefs.  It just means to make sure you set benchmarks.  For example, it probably would be unrealistic to set the goal as losing 50 pounds by the Super Bowl. But you could lose 2-3 pounds per week and set the goal of losing at least 50 pounds in the next 25 weeks (and make sure you calculate the date so it’s easier to track!)
  • Time-Bound. There must be a deadline. Good job Mr. Example! You defined it as March 1st.
  • This is important to hold yourself accountable. Oh no, I am supposed to go on a pub crawl next weekend. Will this stop you from reaching your goal?
  • It is okay to make revisions. You cannot do the evening walk because your work schedule changes. It’s good to pivot.

Commit to Yourself

Your goals are your goals. Therefore, make it all about you! What you think about, you bring about! Whether you use the SMARTER Method or not, I suggest that you:

  • Define Your Goals
  • Write Them Down
  • Share Your Goals with People You Trust
  • Talk About Your Goals
  • Keep a Picture that Shows Your Goals
  • Put Up Notes with Your Goals

The point of these tips is to keep your goals for 2022 front and center. This will help you stay committed to yourself. I did say this at the workshop: We do not all have goals. Many, if not most, of us live our lives in a reactionary fashion. We do what we think we need to based on the exterior forces that we are allowing to control our destiny. Control your destiny!

Financial Goals

As a bankruptcy lawyer, my focus is to work with people on their financial issues. Regardless of if somebody goes through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the setting of financial goals for 2022 is a good idea. Goals may include the improvement of your credit score, saving money or eliminating debt. We help clients set these goals all the time. So, let me know if you need by scheduling a free consultation.