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Dismissal of Your Bankruptcy Case

In my previous blog, Bankruptcy Dismissal vs. Bankruptcy Discharge,  I explain these two important bankruptcy terms. Regarding dismissal, I wrote …bankruptcy filings end up being dismissed or closed by the bankruptcy court. This can happen under three circumstances. First, when you choose not to proceed with your bankruptcy case. Two, you are not able to comply with all the requirements. [...]

Is the Low-Cost Bankruptcy Attorney More Affordable?

Over the years, far too many clients have come to me to fix avoidable problems. They have tried to deal with financial issues on their own. Or worse yet, they relied on counsel only to be left in a worse position. There are many bankruptcy lawyers who market themselves as providers of low-cost bankruptcy services. Some in our industry, refer [...]

Goodbye to Public Service Loan Forgiveness?

President Trump has proposed to increase the budget in certain areas. Such as, increases for the Departments of Defense, Commerce, Homeland Security and Veteran Affairs. We can agree that these increases are necessary. But at what cost? Other areas that should have at least remained the same have suffered a great loss. Loan forgiveness is one of those areas. Public [...]

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