Karina Lucid has been practicing bankruptcy law for 18 years and has had her own office since April 2011. Before going to law school, Karina was operating as a manager for her family’s retail flower business. So, she has been in the small business sector since she was 17 years old.

Although Lucid Law focuses on all aspects of consumer bankruptcy cases, most firm clients are also small business owners themselves. Karina really understands the small businessperson and the unique challenges that the small business owner faces. This is especially true in New Jersey where the cost of living, as we all know, is so high.  Lucid Law helps their clients either restructure or wipe out the debt that they have incurred when business or life has not been as successful as they would have hoped.

The team at Lucid Law love helping their clients to get a fresh start so they can continue to pursue the things that they love in life, whether that be entrepreneurial endeavors, spending time with their family, or simply living life without the worry of debt collectors or the fear of not being able to repay their debts.  Karina loves being able to help people get rid of their financial grief so they can stop being scared and start living life again!

As Karina and her team at Lucid Law always tell their clients… Chapter 7 is Heaven. We truly feel we give a different experience than most law firms. Therefore, give us a call to find out for yourself.