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2011 – I Opened Lucid Law, and Other Major Events

Some days, it is hard to imagine what life was like before the coronavirus pandemic.  Sometimes I have trouble remembering what happened two years ago, let alone 10 years ago!  LOL!    But there is one thing I can remember for sure from 2011, and that is that I opened Lucid Law! As I was thinking about this huge landmark in [...]

Karina Lucid Understands Business

Karina Lucid has been practicing bankruptcy law for 18 years and has had her own office since April 2011. Before going to law school, Karina was operating as a manager for her family’s retail flower business. So, she has been in the small business sector since she was 17 years old. Although Lucid Law focuses on all aspects of consumer [...]

Understanding A Bankruptcy Case Dismissal Without Prejudice

When filing for bankruptcy, whether it is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you need to comply with specific requirements. Unable to do so will result to bankruptcy court dismissing your case with or without prejudice. A bankruptcy case dismissal without prejudice means the reason for non-compliance is lapse in procedures. Therefore, it is critical that you work with a bankruptcy [...]

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