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Improve Your Financial Literacy: 5 Podcasts to Listen To

Doing what you’ve been doing is going to get what you’ve been getting. —Seth Godin Remember that classic definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results? Filing for individual Chapter 11 bankruptcy represents only one step of your journey to financial wellbeing. Your goal should not simply be to reset financially, but rather to recover—and [...]

Filing for Chapter 11 Individual Bankruptcy: Part 2

You’ve decided to handle your debt through Chapter 11. You’ve met with a credit counselor, filed your petition, submitted your monthly operating reports and have had your Section 341 meeting. Now what else do you need to do? The New Jersey Bankruptcy Court’s website provides an excellent breakdown of the basics of the Chapter 11 process. However, this second part [...]

How Does the Process of Filing Chapter 11 Bankruptcy (Individual) Work? (Part 1)

After you’ve determined that filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the best way to handle your debt issues, what’s next? How does the process work? The New Jersey Bankruptcy Court’s website: provides an excellent breakdown of the process. This 2-part blog post will provide you with some easy to follow guidance and help you better understand the process. Let's begin [...]

The Individual Chapter 11 Plan and Disclosure Statement

You’re in debt, and you need to find some relief; and filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 isn’t right for you. Maybe you earn too much money. Or maybe have too much debt spread across multiple properties or other assets in New Jersey and beyond. Consequently, an individual Chapter 11 might work for you. The Plan Chapter [...]

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