Everyone enjoys watching an explosive courtroom battle play out on their television screens. However, no one wants their own legal issues to go that route. That’s why mediation is an appealing solution for many New Jersey residents. As you explore different options for your needs, consider these benefits of mediation.

Avoids Court

Going to court is a highly stressful situation for people on both sides of a case. You may have to take unpaid days off of work. You may be forced to put off other obligations until the conclusion of your case. On the other hand, cases that rely on a mediated approach can be settled out of court. Therefore, saving you time and a substantial amount of stress.

Focuses on Your Needs

When you pursue legal action, you have a specific goal in mind. These goals may fall by the wayside as both sides try to gain the upper hand. As a result, you may feel like you have little to no control in a traditionally litigated case. Mediation focuses on what the parties on both sides want. This allows you to decide what you want to compromise on and which deal you are willing to accept. In mediation, the parties must come to an agreement, which can yield improved client satisfaction.

Offers More Privacy

Privacy can be hard to come by these days. Do you want the juicy details of your cases to hit newspapers and websites before you’ve even walked out of the courtroom? Many cases involve private matters that can be embarrassing or painful to discuss in an open courtroom. For those who prioritize privacy, mediation offers a solution that protects the privacy of the parties and confidentiality of the process. Rather than having allegations or unfounded claims becoming public record, you can decide which information becomes public record.

Lowers Costs

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional litigation is the cost. No matter which side of a case you’re on, you could spend tens of thousands of dollars, or more, on legal representation. This is particularly true in contentious cases that drag out for months or years. In comparison, mediation often saves both sides a substantial amount of money and time.

Minimizes Adversity

Burning a bridge can have serious professional or personal consequences, but this outcome may seem inevitable in traditionally litigated cases. Mediation focuses on open communication, allowing parties to maintain their relationship and remain respectful of each other.

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