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Understanding the Orderly Liquidation Value in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The word “bankruptcy” understandably may strike fear into many hearts. Large, well-known companies like Macy’s, Sears, David’s Bridal, Nine West, and Mattress Firm have all filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. However, it is not just big corporations who can and do file for Chapter 11 bankruptcies; individuals and small businesses may file as well. Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy does not [...]

Debt Scams: You Better Watch Your Back!

Debt collectors and debt buyers are not the only companies in the debt collection sector scamming hapless victims. Following are examples of other dubious companies running debt scams. They are out to pull the rug from under you. A bankruptcy attorney can help you escape the trap of these debt scams. 1) The Debt Settlement Companies That Want You to [...]

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How Will the Government Shutdown Affect Bankruptcy Proceedings?

With parts of the federal government officially shut today, and a compromise is still unsure, lots of federal government employees will be experiencing adverse economic effects. Federal government employees are expecting to sign furlough papers and return home. Nonetheless, many of them are still waiting to see the affects of their departments. About 800,000 workers are expected to be ordered [...]

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