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Be Careful When Searching “Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me”

Looking for an attorney can be an incredibly stressful time - especially if it is a bankruptcy attorney. When people look for a divorce attorney, or a real estate attorney, they normally ask people they trust for a recommendation. With the embarrassment most people feel about needing to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer, they often turn to Google and type [...]


Cramdown – Reducing Debt in a Chapter 13

Through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, a debtor’s obligations aren’t fully discharged. Rather, they are restructured to allow creditors to get some of the money they are owed. Meanwhile, debtors benefit from a more realistic payment schedule. A "cramdown" is one way to reduce payments in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The cramdown is a way to reduce the principal balance or interest [...]

5 Benefits of Mediation Over Litigation

Litigation and mediation are both dispute resolution tools. Two, or more, parties can utilized either when there is a dispute that cannot be resolved amicably. Litigation means that one or more of them have decided to bring a lawsuit in front of a court of law. A judge will decide the outcome of their disagreement. A judge makes a decision [...]

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