Lucid Law’s Student Debt Program

Oftentimes, potential clients come to our office because they have a pile of student debt. This debt, with its high monthly payments, becomes unmanageable and burdensome. Consequently, some of these people rack up other debt while trying to stay above water. For example, some will rely on credit cards to pay for food and other essential items. This is indeed [...]

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Understanding Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is growing exponentially. Many students with student loans may not be able to pay them back when the time comes. Student loan debt alone can force someone into bankruptcy. In addition, it can also easily compound on other debt such that a health crisis or job loss. Hence, sending your entire structure toppling down. It is not [...]

Debtor’s Prison in the US? Maybe, if you are not paying your student loans!

We have always thought that there is no such thing as a Debtor's Prison in the USA. People with bad debt are not treated as criminals unless the debt itself is the result of specific forms of criminal activity. Well, that may not be the case. In today's financial news, Bloomberg discusses a recent case where the Department of Justice [...]

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