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What Happens When One Spouse Files for Bankruptcy?

I was recently interviewed by Karin Price Mueller for her column. The theme of the article is what happens when one spouse files for bankruptcy. Specifically, one of Ms. Price Mueller’s readers posed the following question: My husband wants to declare bankruptcy. He has $25,000 of credit card debt in his name alone. We have both of our names [...]


Bankruptcy Chapter 7, 11 & 13 in NJ

Bankruptcies are legal proceedings that allow insolvent debtors with large amounts of debts to have a fresh start. While filing bankruptcy is a legal way for people to wipe out their unsecured debts and obtain debt-relief, not everything is wiped out. One of the benefits of filing a bankruptcy petition includes bankruptcy protection as follows: Stops creditors from collecting or [...]


File Bankruptcy and Be Done Being Scared!

The thought of personal bankruptcy creates fear for many people. But the truth is, there are greater fears that bring you to the brink of filing for bankruptcy. So rather than focus on the fear of bankruptcy, here is a different perspective – file bankruptcy and be done being scared. Let me explain further. Are you scared that your bills [...]

The Stigma of Bankruptcy

When I meet with potential clients for the first time, I feel their apprehension about filing for bankruptcy. Often times, they fear the stigma of bankruptcy. They feel like they have failed themselves and their families. They are worried what other family members, friends, neighbors and employers will think about them. I spend a lot of time explaining the process, [...]

Bankruptcy Timeline in a Nutshell

When considering a Chapter 7 filing one of the concerns people often have is how long the process will take. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases have a set schedule of events. Within 90-120 days after the initial filing, cases usually reach completion. Of course, unless problems arise such as form improper filings or a failure to disclose information about assets. Here [...]

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